Alex Prego 39 weeks, 3 days
Me pregnant at 39 weeks, 3 days

I got pregnant with my fourth child last February.

I started that pregnancy eight pounds up from my first.  I know that is not a huge amount of weight, but I still didn’t want to continue to put on weight with each consecutive pregnancy; and yes we would love to have more!

During the early spring and summer months we had three special trips where I knew special (and larger amounts than usual) food outings would take place.

blog pics of trips

Between these three trips, I put on a lot more weight than  I would have liked. I did not see my hopes for a low weight gain pregnancy being feasible.Toward the end of July, Trim Healthy Mama was brought to my mind.

Toward the end of July, Trim Healthy Mama was brought to my mind.

I had seen it mentioned in a few blogs I had read, and I continued to explore what it was about.  My birthday was at the beginning of August, so I asked for the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook for a gift.  A friend gave me the self-published book, and I also invested in a few of their starter products.  I began Trim Healthy Mama in August 2015 and noticed an immediate halt in my weight gain.  On top of less weight gain, I felt more energetic and was able to keep my blood pressure more stable than in my past pregnancies.

My total weight gain for pregnancy was 34lbs!  My past had been between 37-40; but I began to realize it wasn’t so much about the weight gain, but more about  feeling good and having energy.  I now have a three-month-old, I have a great milk supply, and only 5 more pounds to lose until I reach my pre- pregnancy weight.  Victory!

All to say, most of my meal planning now is based around Trim Healthy Mama.  My next blog post will be a full description of my February meal planning, along with pictures of my grocery loads.  I really don’t like going to the store with four little kids (shocker right?!).  I have been able to meal plan so that I go to Wal-Mart once at the beginning of the month and Costco three times a month, or every ten days.  I know that my plan is only for 7 days, but I am able to stretch food the other three days.  Usually, a few times a month we’ll eat at my parents (which helps a little bit).  

I have found shopping at one store and waiting until you have almost no food left saves more money than comparing prices and shopping at multiple stores.  

And that the philosophy behind my meal planning.  So stay tuned!

Are you also doing Trim Healthy Mama recipes?  If so, how have you benefited from them?