Research, research, and more research.  This summarizes my son’s pre-school years.  I am a perfectionist at heart and so I had a desire to get this homeschooling thing right from the start!  Yes, I know you are laughing at me.

When my son was 3 I ordered the sonlight 3/4 program and also started some ABC activities and tracing.  We soon dropped the letter activities and just stuck to reading the Sonlight books (which we are still reading and love!).  When he was four we added Get Set for the Code and Singapore Earlybird Math and continued to read good books ( Mostly   Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh).

Fast forward to Spring of 2015 when we got our tax returns.  This is what I was going to use to buy our Kindergarten homeschool curriculum.  I had read Charlotte Mason’s Home Education Volume 1, I read A Charlotte Mason Companion, and I read Educating the Whole Hearted Child.  You would think I would have been confident in a living Books/ Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling, but no I chickened out last minute and ordered a full package classical curriculum. I ordered K for my son and Jr. K for my daughter.

We started in August and by the end of August I knew this wasn’t going to work for our family.  With a new baby coming I did want something that had lesson plans to some extent just to keep me on track.  So I sold most of what I had gotten on Ebay and purchased Heart of Dakota’s Little Hearts for His Glory.

heart of dakotaThis program has worked for this year.  The Reading Lesson book has worked really well and my son is trying to read almost anything he gets his hands on, but I do find a few gaps with this program, especially when it comes to spelling.  I gave my son the Rod and Staff books for free time.  We have been reading through the Burgress books during lunch while my little one naps.  We have really enjoyed these books!  The history portion of this curriculum has been a bit frusterating because the first half of the year is all Biblical History and we are already doing family Bible time.  I would reccomend this program, but in the future it will not be for us.  I like to have  Bible time, scripture memory , and catechism in the morning as a family.


Our main Math program was singapore Essentials, I only got workbook B since we had mastered A last year.  I also supplemented with the Rod and Staff workbook which we had gotten with the classical curriculum. Singapore works really well for my son and we are starting Singapore US Edition 1a next week!

Handwriting- We have been using Memoria Press’ Copybook One


  • Memoria Press Kindergarten Art Cards-  I display 1 card for two weeks.  The first week we talk about the picture and I take it away and then have my kids describe the picture.  The second week they attempt drawing it with colored pencils
  • Music Study- I have been using Ambleside Onlines Rotation and I read a portion of a biography once a week about the composer.  I also have a book called Meet the Orchestra, I use this to teach my kids about instruments
  • Poetry- I hang a Poem that I read to my kids once or twice a week until I notice they are reciting it along with me and then I choose a new poem.  I also read at leisure from Poems and Prayers for the Very Young
  • Sonlight- I read through the 3/4 package with my 2 and 4 year old and do the suggested activities.
  • My Four Year old Daughter is currently doing Get Set for the Code and Memoria PRess’ number books, she has already completed Rod and Staff’s Counting With Numbers

Stay Tuned for my next years curriculum choice!