I was trying really hard to get into a rhythm.  I just felt as if our weeks didn’t flow well.  I wanted that moment where I truly felt I could rest from my work and just enjoy the LORD, my family, and His creation.  My husbands day off was Fridays and then he would try to take Sunday afternoon.  I was always trying to scramble Friday morning to get cleaning done and other tasks because I wanted Sunday afternoon to relax.  We also had committed to taking our daughter to Ballet lessons on Friday so it didn’t really seem to be a Sabbath.  My husband is a pastor, so he often leaves our house around 7:30 on Sundays and then isn’t home until sometime between 1 and 2 and sometimes later.  So Sundays have never really felt like a day of rest for our family.  We had also committed to a Monday morning co-op, so then I felt as if I had to scramble to make sure our house was in order, everyone was bathed, and things were ready for us to leave the house by 8:00 Monday morning. Also because our day off was Friday we tried to keep that committed to our family and then Saturday nights we had community group so we also felt that we were not having people in our home as much as we like.

Thankfully we have been able to take a look at the rhythm of our week and realized something needs to change.  We really wanted to feel as if we worked toward a Sabbath, a day where we could rest from our work and meditate on our creator and enjoy the gifts he has given us.  So here is what I plan on the rhythm of our week looking like.

In my mind my week is divided into 14 parts.  I have divided each day into Morning and Afternoon.  We also just have daily chores and things that need to get done.


  • Is quiet time in our home daily.  If the kids are up before 6:30 they have to play quietly


  • Start a load of wash
  • Make breakfast
  • Family Bible time during breakfast
  • Fold and put one load of wash away ( the one in the dryer from the day before: we don’t care too much about wrinkles)
  • Feed the Baby
  • Everyone dressed (showers/ baths for the kids 3 days a week)
  • Morning chores
    • for kids ( Tuesday: strip the beds of sheets and collect towels, Wednesday: Empty upstairs bathroom trash cans, Thursday: Friendly’s cage, Friday:Empty recycling bins)

8:30-12-( This makes up for 7 of the 14 parts I had talked about.  4 parts are dedicated to education, 1 to grocery shopping, 1 toward church, and 1 toward a Sabbath morning as a family)

  • Tuesday- Friday (School.  I dedicate these mornings to being in the home and educating my children)
  • Saturday (Grocery morning)
    • Print my pre-typed list first thing and take inventory of what I need at the store
    • Clean out fridge
    • Go to Store
  • Sunday (Church)
    • Put a meal in the corck-pot
    • Bathe the Kids
    • Make sure the house is picked up and dishes are done before church)
    • Sunday afternoon will start the Sabbath I was working toward
  • Monday (yes we backed out of the co-op)
    • Sabbath Morning Take extra time to read the Bible and talk to our kids and enjoy time of family worship

12-2:00 Lunch and Rest time ( this happens daily except for Friday when I take Lydia to Ballet)

2-5:00 ( This make up 7 of the 14 parts I had talked about)

  • Tuesday- Wash.  You noticed I have the kids strip the sheets on Tuesday.  Well I had kept the washing machine going all day and in the afternoon I will fold the clothes, put them away, and put sheets on the bed)  Usually I do about 4 loads of wash this day because I do one load a day all week-long except Monday morning.
  • Wednesday- Upstairs cleaning Day
    • The kids clean up all their toys so that I can dust and vacuum
    • Clean upstairs bathrooms
    • Dust and Vacuum
    • Organize clothing and stuff
  • Thursday- Flex Day
    • If a doctor’s appointment is needed I try to schedule it for this day
    • If I have and errand I will run it this afternoon
    • If I have nothing to do I will try to reach out to another mom or Go to the park
    • (Tuesday- Thursday could be switched around if needed)
  • Friday- Downstairs Cleaning Day/ Hospitality Night
    • I dust the downstairs
    • Mop the Floors in the Playroom
    • Clean the Downstairs Bathroom
    • It is our goal to have someone in our home Friday nights for dinner, so this is the perfect day to make sure the downstairs is cleaned)
    • Start making food
  • Saturday- Hospitality/ Office Day
    • Focus on Paying bills, doing finances, meal planning
    • straighten up for guests
    • We also try to have someone in our home Saturday afternoons before community group
  • Sunday- Family Sabbath/ Get together with extended family

5-8:00 Night Activities

  • Eat Dinner & Clean up and Relax before bedtime
  • Tuesday- Home/ Mop floors after dinner clean up
  • Wednesday – Daniel gone, dinner and time with Grandma!
  • Thursday- Daniel gone bi- weekly , Grandma is usually here, Mop floors in preparation for Friday and Saturday Guests
  • Friday- Guests
  • Saturday- Community Group
  • Sunday- Home or with extended family
  • Monday- Mop Floors and prepare for upcoming week

I have always appreciated people’s schedules, so I hope this helps someone!