Today was the last day of VBS; my kids had a blast and I am beyond thankful for all the people that poured their time and energy into making this week happen.  My husband brought the kids to VBS and I stayed home with the baby until his morning nap was done.  What did I spend my “spare” time doing?  Well… considering this upcoming school year.  I have sold tons and tons of stuff, because I truly feel like I have a solid direction for homeschooling.  I am excited to say I will doing The Charlotte Mason Institutes pilot program this year.   Although the program is full for this year, you can check out what it’s about for the future at

Out of all the things I would desire for next year, one of the greatest ones is to make a habit of outdoor time.  I believe there is so much learning that can only happen by spending time in God’s creation and experiencing it first hand.

I plan to tweak this later, but here is my tentative schedule this far.

2016-2017 Nelms School Schedule


School Days Tuesday- Saturday

5:30-6:30 Bible and Prayer Time/ Quiet time for kids

6:30 Wake Micah up and nurse, start a load of laundry, get dressed, start breakfast, empty    dishwasher

  • Abel
    • Daily:Get Dressed, Brush teeth, Clean friendly’s cage, help James with clothes
    • Tuesdays: Empty upstairs trash cans
    • Fridays: Empty Recycling
    • Wednesdays: Take Sheets off bed
  • Lydia
    • Daily: Get dressed, brush teeth, take clothes out of dryer, fold any towels
    • Tuesday: Empty downstairs trash
    • Thursday & Fridays: Water Plants
    • Wednesdays: Take Sheets downstairs
  • James
    • Daily: Get dressed, brush teeth, take clothes out of dryer, collect dirty clothes and put them in basket

7:30 Breakfast

  • All kids clean up after themselves, teach kids how to put plates in dishwasher

8:00 Family gathers together for Bible time

  • Tuesday /Old Testament/ Recite Genesis
  • Wednesday/ New Testament- Catechism
  • Thursday/ Psalm Recitation & Parable
  • Friday/ Old Testament & Recite Genesis
  • Saturday/ New Testament & Catechism
  • Sunday- God’s Names & Psalm and Parable
  • Monday- Jesus Storybook Bible and Catechism

8:15 Say goodbye to Daddy

8:20- 8:35 Lydia’s Reading Lesson

8:35-8:50 Abel’s Reading Lesson


  • Tuesday- Poem Rep/ Wednesday- Picture Talk/ Thursday-Writing- Friday/ Natural History- Saturday- Hymn Rep


  • Tuesday- Spanish/ Wednesday- A Reading/ Thursday- Spanish/ Friday- Drawing/ Saturday- Spanish

(Get Micah Down for a Nap)- Have Abel Get Math stuff out


  • Abel Math- Lydia Play with James/ Quick Snack ( Cheese sticks, nuts, bananas, raisins)


  • Lydia Math- Abel Play with James/ Quick Snack


  • Tuesday- Printing/ Wednesday- Handcrafts/ Thursday- Handcrafts/ Friday- Handcrafts/ Saturday- Handcrafts

10:10- 10:25

  • Tuesday- Exercise & Games/ Wednesday- Singing/ Thursday- Dancing/ Friday- Spanish/ Saturday- Singing

10:25- 10:35

  • Tuesday- Writing/ Wednesday- Brush Drawing/ Thursday- Printing/ Friday- Brush Drawing/ Saturday- Geography


  • Tuesday- Natural History/ Wednesday- A Reading/ Thursday- Geography/ Friday- A Reading/ Saturday- Natural History


  • Tuesday- American History/ Wednesday- Composer Study/ Thursday- Biography Read Aloud/ Friday- American History/ Saturday- Biography Read Aloud

11:00 Get Micah Up, if not up/ Clean Up/ Make Lunch

11:30-12 Lunch

12-1:00 Daily Nature Walk

1-2:30 James Naps, Abel and Lydia play quietly, keep journals/ my computer, reading, bill    paying & meal planning time

1:30- 3:00 Micah Naps

2:30 Tea Time- Read Poetry, a picture book, and listen to classical music

3-4:30 Afternoon Rambles

  • Tuesday- Grocery store & any errands/ Leftovers for dinner
  • Wednesday Clean Upstairs:  Teach kids to make beds/ Put Clothes Away
    • Abel, Lydia, and James Clean their rooms
    • Abel: Clean Bathroom sinks
    • Lydia- Dust baseboards
  • Thursday & Friday: Extended Outdoor time; change day according to weather (crockpot meals)
  • Saturday: Clean downstairs / Kids clean playroom & then free to play/ get ready for weekend & hospitality / catch up on any wash

4:30-6:30 Make, eat, and clean up dinner, Kids baths & showers

6:30- 7:15  Family Time (include math games/ Picture books for James and Lydia)

7:15 Lydia and James to Bed

7:30 Read aloud to Abel alternate Historical fiction & literature

8:00 Abel Bedtime


Habits to Work On:  Clean up after yourself/ Say excuse me and wait until a person is done talking/ Doing work cheerful as unto the Lord and not man