I would not call my family busy.  This year we have said no to sports and many obligations, our only outside commitments are church, community group, and James has speech twice a week.  Although we aren’t necessarily busy, my kids are busy.  They don’t sit long, except if I am requiring school work to be done; but the one time they will sit is when we are eating!

For a while I felt like I was always in the kitchen because the kids were “hungry”.  I was also finding that when the time came for them to have a meal, they were sometimes not hungry.  So now my kids eat four times a day; and that’s it.  I have tried to make it a habit to pause and connect with my children at these times and to redeem the for beauty in our lives.  We are able to have four meals together, but maybe for you it’s only two on week days, but these are times to be cherished and connect.

I know as kids get older they sometimes don’t want to talk, but maybe if you gave them something beautiful to reflect on, it may turn into a conversation starter.

Tea Time- Mid Afternoon With Poetry Reading
Lunch time- with composer in the background
What we use for Bible Reading/Recitation/Hymn Singing over Breakfast
dinner With a Famous Piece of Art Work