After a very ordinary day, my almost five-year old looked at me and said, “Mommy this was the best day!”

This melted my mom heart and immediately caused me to ponder.  I was taken back and thought to myself, “wow, really the best day?”  I then recalled in my mind exactly how that day had gone.

We woke up, got dressed,and did our normal chores.  This included my five-year old folding a big stack of towels and napkins.

We have our normal breakfast, sang a hymn, recited scripture, and read the Bible.

We did a lighter day of school, this included my daughter doing her phonics and writing lesson.

We painted.

I lost my patience with this child and had to repent.

We read lots of books.

We went for a walk outdoors and were back around five.  This was when my daughter told me that it was the best day.

What didn’t happen that day, was any outside activities or appointments and I didn’t have a big to do list and we watched no TV.  My only goal for that day was to go about mundane life and spend time with my children.

It really made me consider.  As parents we often feel we need to give our children these grand experiences or “enrich” their lives.  We fear they will be bored.  The truth is our children just want us.  They want to know they are in a safe and in a loving, consistent environment with someone who can just spend time with them.  A challenge I have for myself and whoever may read this is; the next time you see space in your week, don’t rush to fill it with something “fun”, the best day may be spent just being and enjoying life together.