My booklist so far 2017

  1. Leisure: the Basis of Culture by Josef Pieper (philosophy) (reading)
  2. Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins  (completed)
  3. Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie (completed)
  4. Kristin Larvransdatter by Sigrid Undset (A Norweigin trilogy placed in 14th century. I wanted something different)  ( completed)
  5. Eusebius:  The Church History by Eusebius (reading)
  6. The Benedict Option
  7. Gone With the Wind by Margret Mitchel(reading)


Books We’ve Read Aloud As a Family

  1. Pinocchio by Collodi
  2. Trumpet of the Swan by E.B.White
  3. King of the Golden River by Ruskin
  4. Lots and Lots of Picture Books