After playing around a few times with Kindergarten and now having my second Kindergartener coming up, this is what I plan on using for Kindergarten from here on out.  I am sure there may be better products out there, but I find these to work.

  • Handwriting and Phonics:  First Start Reading By Cheryl Lowe
    60 / 10-15 minutes a day

    • I personally feel that this is all you need for kindergarten Phonics and Handwriting.  It is a very systematic way to learn how to read and also introduces handwriting and letter formation first and then has you writing the words and sentences you are learning to read.  Most lessons also have a spot for a child’s illustration; my daughter loves this!  Each lesson could be completed in about 15 minutes
    • Memoria Press has complete phonics and spelling plans for kindergarten; I had tried it with my first child and it was WAY too much
  • Reading Practice American Language Readers
    • $68/ 5-10minutes
  • MathSingapore Essential Math A & B
    • $22.50 15-20 minutes
    • This is straight forward and easy to teach
    • It includes lots of pictures so that children see the objects behind numbers
    • Also go over the Calandar and weather each morning

All Kindergarten disciplined subjects can be taught in 30- 45 minutes a day for less than $150 and for the next siblings only $52.50


  1. Bible-  If you already do family devotions, just include your kindergartener in that.  If your kindergartener is the oldest I recommend reading a story a day from The Golden Children’s Bible $13
    1. This bible will give your child a good chronology of the Bible.  It included the most popular stories and has nice illustrations
    2. Choose a Bible verse to memorize and then once mastered move on to a new one.  Have a day or two a week you review old Bible verses
  2. History- History Stories For Children $11
    1. This book goes through Bible History, World History, and then American History separately, each time chronologically
    2. This is good for introducing your child to the idea of history and chronological events.  The stories are short and take about ten minutes to read
    3. There are about 76 stories, so you would read about two a week
    4. My son enjoyed illustrating them afterwords
  3. Literature
    1. The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh $29 & Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales $23
      1. These are both high quality and lengthy pieces of literature.  You Should read from one of these at least once a week, it will get your child to appreciate high quality literature
    2. Poetry:
      1. The Real Mother Goose $10 – At least a poem a day and pick a poem to memorize and then another one once it’s mastered
      2. The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh also includes poetry
    3. 20th Century Children’s Book Treasury $30
      1. Read 1-2 stories a week, there are 62 total.
      2. These are famous picture books
    4. Holiday and special Day Literature
      1. You could either buy these or get them at the Library
      2. Memoria Press has an enrichment book list and they list many holiday books that we love
  4. Music
    1. Listen to classical composers
    2. If you have an older child include them in on the composer study.  We pick three composers a year, one for twelve weeks.  We learn about the composer’s life and listen to their work
    3. Sing folk songs and patriotic songs.  Some good ones are wee sing America $8 and Wee Sing Nursery Rhymes $8
  5. Art
    1. Paint pictures from stories :prang watercolors and paper
    2. Paint Objects from nature
    3. Picture Study
      1. Choose Two Come Look with Me Books $11.50 a piece
      2. Choose a Picture a week. Have your child study the picture for five minutes and then turn the picture over and have them tell your everything they remember.  This is also used to develop the habit of attention and observation
  6. Nature Study/ Science
    1. Go outside daily and observe nature
    2. For Parent use, purchase The Handbook of Nature Study by Comstock $20
    3. Buy a journal that the child can paint in and draw picture from nature.  You as the parent can write captions
    4. Purchase or get from the Library Let’s Read and Find out Science Books.  Read One a Week- Memoria Press also carries a good science and enrichment package
    5. Favorite Thorton Burgess Animal Stories $12.50
      1. This is a boxed set of 6 books.  Each book contains about 20 short chapters
      2. You could read about a chapter a day
      3. These books are fun and written in a narrative form, but present factual information about different types of animals
  7. Supplies
    1. White Paper $3
    2. Water Colors (Prang) $8
    3. Nature Notebook  $10

Approximate Cost for First Time books Purchase $178

Total Cost for Start Up Homeschool Kindergarten Apx. $325
Most of these are first time purchases and an investment.  For the second child you will probably only have to spend around$70
Also look for the Let’s Read and Find out Science Books and Holiday Books at your used bookstore.

Suggested Schedule

15 Minutes -Start Day with Bible and Scripture and Possibly Hymn Singing
15 minutes- Morning Chores: Teach child to get dressed, brush teeth, make bed, and clean up clothes

15 minutes:  Phonics and Handwriting
10 minutes:  Day 1: Beatrix Potter/ Day 2: History Story/ Day 3:  Picture Book/ Day:4 History Story/ Day 5: Winnie the Pooh
15 minutes: Math
10 minutes: Sing a Song  and move (Hymns, Patriotic,Nursery Rhymes)

15 minutes take a Break, have a snack, read a poem, listen to classical music, 1 day a week do picture study

  • Give your child plenty of time for nature study, free play and outdoor play

    • Read from Burgess book or Let’s Read and Find out Science
    • Have your child pain a Picture from the day either from nature or something that was read
    • Child Practices Reading Aloud