We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting baby number five.  For months now the kids have been praying that I would have a baby girl and I couldn’t wait to tell them when we finally found out I was expecting; of course the girl part can not be for certain.

Some things I have noticed about your fifth pregnancy.

  1. You just realize people think you are crazy.  (Some people for the first time ask, “So how many do you plan on having?”. Most people say nothing; usually the fourth child already made them realize your craziness).
  2.  You show very soon!  (With Abel I don’t think I even had the slightest bump until 17 weeks, this time around I noticed one a little after 10).
  3. There is less time to rest.  ( I remember with my first two or three pregnancy we still had about a two-hour nap time every day; I would lay on the couch the full two hours).
  4. You still have to make dinner ( A make shift dinner for a small family works, but even when I was feeling very sick, all the kids still wanted a full dinner every night).

Thankfully I am starting to feel a little better.  I am beyond thankful that God has given me a new life to carry.  I look forward to meeting him or her.