So here is a picture of everything I hope to get to next year… In short our curriculum pick is Memoria Press.  Memoria Press is a Classical Christian curriculum that is aligned with Highland Latin School.

Some of you may be surprised.  Ever since my son was  four I had engrossed myself in reading Charlotte Mason.  First I read books about her books and then I started to read her books.  Last June, after two years of reading Charlotte Mason, I decided to take the plunge fully into a Charlotte Mason Curriculum.  We participated in Mason’s Alveary; a  pilot program put out by the Charlotte Mason institute.  In short, I am very glad I did this.  Their program, strictly obverses Charlotte Mason’s practices and philosophy, but applies it for the 21st century American Child.

If I am so glad we did this, why are we not doing it again?  In short; I realized that some parts of a pure Charlotte Mason philosophy just aren’t going to work for our family and also that there are some things I want to do differently.  I am glad we did it, because if I didn’t I would still be wondering what it would be like to fully apply Charlotte Mason’s principles.  I am glad we did it, because the program had excellent teacher training and grew me as a person and as my children’s educator.  I am glad I did it because I found some things not to be effective and some things just not to be our reality.

When Abel started Kindergarten two years ago, I prayed and felt like we should go with Memoria Press. We started with Memoria Press, but there was a lot of writing and he got frustrated, so after four weeks I resold it and tried something else.  I also realized it wasn’t fully Charlotte Mason and though I wanted to be a Charlotte Mason purist.  Looking back, I really wish we would have stuck with it and done more things orally until he adjusted to the writing.  I also realized that Memorial Press includes what I would consider my favorite parts of Charlotte Mason, for Charlotte Mason still is rooted in the classical tradition.

I am glad to be coming back to Memoria Press.  Above all, I am 100% confident that this program has the ability to fully educate my children, to capture their hearts and minds and direct them toward heavenly things.  After receiving this program and looking it over I see how beautifully integrated everything is.  There is nature study, history, good literature, picture study, composer study, poetry, scripture memory, copy work of things that are worthy of meditating on, Latin (which is something I really wanted- more on that later), Drawing, and Enrichment activities to form the whole person.

Please stay tuned for follow up posts.