I have been pursuing the idea of less and the essentials.  For about the past three years I have gone through Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider.  The book helps you reevaluate the mission of your family and to see if your calendar and your home are aligning to that mission.  This year I thought a lot about the idea of less clothing and the essentials of clothing.  I looked into capsule wardrobes and minimal wardrobes.  The one that stuck the most with me was 333.  You pick 33 items including outwear and accessories (not including Pj’s, swim wear, and undergarments or pure lounge clothes), that you will wear for 3 months.  This made the most sense to me because I can’t go through my wardrobe and throw out everything that doesn’t fit considering I am still having babies and can find myself fluctuating between 3 pant sizes and two top sizes.

My Maternity Summer 333 (June, July, August)

  1. 6 Tops ( Black, Gray, Purple, Blue, striped, and a Red Blouse)
  2. 6 Bottoms ( Gray maxi skirt, black Maxie skirt, Jean Skirt, Jean shorts, Kahki Shorts, and Patterned Maxi)
  3. 1 Dress ( This dress isn’t maternity but high-waisted and grows with pregnancy, with a pair of nice earings this can work for summer weddings or parties)
  4. 2  Cardigans (Gray and Cream)
  5. 1 Sweatshirt Jacket (Black)
  6. 6 Tanks ( Black, Gray, Teal, Aqua, Pink, Navy)
  7. 2 Earings (Silver and Silver with purple)
  8. 2 Necklaces
  9. 2 Bags( the one shown and then a bigger cream tote bag)- I still have to carry wipes and diapers almost everywhere
  10. 2 Flip Flops ( Rainbows and One Dressier)- I am not a shoe person, but am thinking about perhaps adding a pair of stylish shoes in the future

This actually only comes to 30 items!  I find this ok for summer.  I am a stay at home mom and do not need work clothes.  Also you don’t need as much outwear.  I may perhaps add another pair of earrings or a necklace.  I plan to keep up with 333 and will do a maternity fall update in September!