This year we are using three Memoria Press cores; Jr. Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade; we are only doing the Second Grade Enrichment.  We are following the plans pretty much as written, except that I am spreading the 2 day Jr. Kindergarten week over 5 days, and both my First and Second grader are doing the First Grade handwriting, because my 2nd grader has not learned cursive.

What are we adding?  We are using Rod and Staff’s Music program, which is sight singing; we actually started sight singing last year with Mason’s Alveary and I wanted to continue.  For my second grader I am adding Bastien Piano Basic’s Primer Level.  We are also adding selected readings and enrichment from Ambleside online 2.0 Form 1.  I plan on Memoria Press being my main curriculum, so I am cutting anything out from Ambleside that is already covered in Memoria Press or any book that will be schedule in the future.

So I had made a schedule in theory, but the past two days have showed me how things are really going to go.  These past two days have seemed to be a success with small moments of chaos of course.  We haven’t had tears and I feel my kids are placed at the correct skill levels and the cores will be challenging, but not too difficult. So… here is what our days have looked like…

8-9:30 My 1st and 2nd work on Independent math, while I clean up from breakfast and get the two littles settled.  My daughter finishes math and I do reading, phonics, and spelling with her (she is a fast worker!).  If there is time leftover I  do some Jr. K.

9:30-10 We do recitation questions and handwriting all together

10-10:20 Latin with My 2nd Grader

10:20-11 Enrichment.  My priority is to finish the scheduled Memoria Press enrichment and then I will add our Music Programs or Ambleside selections as time allows

11-12:00 Lunch and Recess/ Also some Jr. K after I’ve cleaned up

12-12:30 Quiet time for all and nap time for me.  (My 21 month old naps from 12-2/ and my other two rest until 1)

12:30-2 Spelling, Reading and Literature with my 2nd grader/ Some Jr. K while my 2nd grader does independent work

2:00 Snack time and it is my goal to be done.  We read poems and listen to the weeks composition.  If my son is not done, he will have to finish his work after this time (the work is not hard for him he just has a highly distractible personality)

2:30-4:30 Free time and Play time for kids/ Free time or chores for me

4:30-6:30 Cook Dinner, Eat Dinner, Clean- Up Dinner

6:30-8 Kids ready for bed/ Picture book and Ambleside Read Aloud (currently it’s Water Babies by Kingsley)