I am so excited to finally announce the birth of our 5th Child; Nathanael Joseph Nelms.  Nathanael is a family name from my husbands side of the family that we decided to ressurrect; it also fits with the fact that all of our kids have Biblical names.  Joseph is my father’s and brother’s middle name.

Nathanael was born Spetember 13th at 5:56 pm, weighing 7lbs 13 oz and measuring 21 inches.

I was not due until October 7th.  Around 34 and a half weeks I started bleeding and was admitted to the hospital for two nights.  The baby and I were monitored and looking good.  They gave me steroid shots to develop the babies lungs in case he came early.  I was then sent home, but a week later I started bleeding again.  A few days later they sent me to a high risk doctor, whom informed me that my placenta was slowly detaching and that I should be induced as soon as possible.

At 36 weeks 4 days I went in for an induction.  I wasn’t sure how such an early induction would go, especially since I have had a C-section and they would have to do a gentle induction.  I went in with the thoughts that it was worth a try, but knew that a C-section was a real possibility.  We asked people to pray for a healthy baby and that by God’s grace I wouldn’t need a C-section.

I praise God that he honored the prayers of his saints.  My induction started at 10:00 and Nathanael was out less than 8 hours later.  His lungs were healthy!  He had some trouble with his glucose and bilirubin, but after a few days that was all in the clear as well.

The end of this pregnancy and birth did not go as expected.  For two weeks I was on bedrest, which  required me receiving help from my husband, mom and people in the church.  This was very difficult.  As much as I feel called to have a large family, it is very humbling to be in such a needy place.  It was also the first time I wondered if I should have more children.  Is it fair that  because of my complications so many people had to sacrifice their time?

I truly feel beyond blessed to be home with a healthy 5th child.  I am now resuming my normal household chores and duties and rejoicing in my role as a wife and a mother.  WE serve a sovereign God who has a purpose and plan that we don’t always understand.  He uses our circumstances to sanctify us and grow us and to grow those around us.  May my trust and faith be anchored in him daily, may I live in faith and not fear.  I was continually reminded that pregnancy and childbirth is always a risk and is always inconvenient, but if done out of an act of obedience we can walk in faith in our LORD, knowing that he has a purpose in it all.