Recently I looked at our schedule from about two years ago and there are some routines that haven’t changed.  When I see something that hasn’t changed in a few years, even with adding two children, I know the reason is because it worked.

  1. Start your day in solitude and prayer and reflect on what needs to happen for that day.
  2. Give yourself and your children a start time to each day.
    • For us this time is 6:30.  That means that if it is before 6:30 my kids need to sit quietly.  I do not get them drinks or snack, they do not bounce off the walls.  This also gives me sometime to pray, read, reflect, and have a cup of coffee. Once 6:30 hits we start our morning routine.
  3. Have a morning routine
    • Our lives mostly run off of habits.  Establish good habits to start your day.
    • For us this is starting a new load of laundry and having the kids or I fold whatever was in the dryer and then put it away; this ensures that the dryer will be empty when the next load is done.
    • Also if the dishwasher is clean, unload it.
    • Everyone is to get dressed and make their beds
    • There also may be some other verbal chores I give to the kids
  4. Breakfast and Family worship
    • Breakfast is at about 7:30 everyday.  We pray together, sing together, and read scripture together.
  5. Clean up directly after every meal
    • Get every dish clean and in the dishwasher and clean off the table, this assures that the mess won’t continue to pile up
  6. Have Set Meal Times
    • I established this when we had foster children, which was the first time I had five children in our home.
    • If you don’t establish this, kids will be asking for food ALL day, and you will always be in the kitchen. My kids now know that if they don’t eat at meal time, they’ll have to be hungry until the next time to eat
    • Current meal times 7:30/ 11or 11:30/ 2:30 or 3/ 5:30 or 6
  7. Establish a mid-day quiet time.
    • Even if it is only 30 minutes; establish this.
    • Often tensions can get high and this could be a time to regroup in prayer or take a little nap and to make sure that the second half of our day continues on in peace.
    • I plan this time whenever there is an overlap between my youngest two sleeping.  On school days it is 30 minutes on non- school days 1 hr.  I have an introverted child that no longer naps and I can tell this time is essential for him as well.
  8. Have Set Times for chores
    • I once heard that the two things that you have to keep up on are laundry and dishes. Make those the priorities to tackle.  Like I said earlier I clean up directly after every meal.
    • Laundry.  I do a load first thing in the morning and one right after lunch.  Two loads a day is a good maintenance, on Saturdays I do ALL the wash (it’s my catch up day).
    • 4:30- 5:30 is pick up time/ bath time.  This is actually kind of new; this is not deep cleaning, this is just getting everything in its place.  I have started to have the kids help me in this and will assign them different rooms. I may also run the vacuum or clean the down stairs powder room
    • Friday night I deep clean downstairs and Saturday morning I deep clean upstairs.  This is dusting, vacuuming, bathrooms, sheets ect.
  9. Have and end time to your day!
    • The work will always be there, but remember I called this “Sanity Saving Tips”?  For your sanity’s sake have a time you are done
    • For me, once the kids are in bed I go to my room get my PJ’s on and read a book or talk to my husband.  I unplug from my phone, the internet, house work and wind down.
  10. Have a Meal plan
    • Believe it or not, your kids will want to eat everyday and if they are like mine, that could mean four times a day.
    • This can be a simple plan, but make it and make your grocery list accordingly.
    • If you have an afternoon you’ll be out later, planning a crock pot meal with save a lot of stress.