If we want to be intentional with our money and have money for the necessities of life; most people would agree that creating a budget would be a good idea.  You would probably list the priorities first, such as your mortgage, utilities, food, and then evaluate the extras last.  The same goes for our time.  There is only so much of us to go around and we only have 24 hours in a day.  We can often get frazzled and feel we neglect the necessities of life or wonder why we can’t fit it all in.  Often the problem is we haven’t taken  the time to evaluate the most important things and make sure we are making time for what we SHOULD be doing rather than what we WANT to be doing or what we hoped we could do.

As of recent, I am re-evaluating my time budget.  We signed up for Mason’s Alveary again this year, which covers EVERYTHING.  It has Art, Foreign language, Math, Crafts, Singing Piano, and more.  They make it look so nice on paper and give you neat little sample schedules of how you can make this all work.  Maybe you could make it all work; the person with no toddlers, that sleeps through the night, and has two kids.  That is not my life.  Something that on schedule should take 20 minutes, will probably take me at  least 30, because I will be interrupted by those who I really shouldn’t count as interruptions.

Two years ago when we did the Alveary, we participated in the pilot so in a way we really were working for the ALveary; they wanted to make sure their program worked and for me to do that I felt as if I was compromising the peace in my home.  This year I am taking a different approach to the Alveary, I am looking at it as a buffet and making the peace of my household a priority. I am going to make a time budget with the priorities listed first.