Here is my time budget with the most important things listed first. I noted when multi tasking takes place. We only school 4 days a week, but 45 weeks out of the year.  This worked well for our family last year.  This time budget reflects my Tuesday to Friday time commitments.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are different.

  • 8 hrs. Sleep ( On nights I actually sleep I only need 7, but I throw in the bonus hour                         anticipating I will probably wake up with someone.) Total: 8hrs
  • 1 hr Prayer, Scripture, Reviewing the Upcoming day. Total: 9hrs
  • 30 minutes Personal Hygeine.  Total 9.5hrs
  • 4.5 hrs.  Meal Prep, Eating, and Clean-up (bonus we fit family devotions in over                           breakfast, poetry and a current event over snack, and listen to a famous                        composer over lunch.) Total 14 hrs.
  • 1hr. Laundry and Daily Cleaning Tasks. Total 15hrs.
  • 1hr. Teaching Math. Total 16 hrs
  • 1 hr. Language Arts( Reading and Writing Instruction and Foreign Language). Total 17hrs
  • 1 hr. Outdoor Time With the Kids. Total 18 hrs
  • 1 hr Reading Aloud to the Kids. Total 19 hrs
  • 30 mins. Overseeing Piano Lessons. Total 19.5 hrs ( I can multi task here)
  • 1 hr Nightly wind down time and connecting with Daniel, Reading a novel. Total 20.5 hrs
  • 30 mins Peronsal Reading and Growth Time Total 21 hrs.
  • 30 minutes Crafting or Painting with the kids 21.5hrs Total
  • 1 hr 30 minutes of circle time ( this covers geography, singing, picture study, science, history, and literature, anything Alveary.  Whatever we can’t fit in this time, just wont’ happen) 23 hrs total

I have one hour left :  )  Honestly this is good to have  a flex hour.  Just to take time to cuddle a needy kids, listen to a podcast, go back outside, just sitting and nursing, calling a friend.  Or just in case a crisis breaks out