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A homeschool family of six writing about life, children, and theology.

Meet our Family

First picture
[Our First Picture together, Cairn University, circa 2007]

We met and instantly knew we would get married.  In our very first conversation, we dreamed of what we wanted to do with our life.  And that is what brought us together.  We were but kids, not knowing what was ahead, but willing to do whatever God would call us to do.  This picture was taken in September 2007.  By May 2008, we were married.

[May 16th, 2008]

Our first year and a half of marriage was…well, amazing.
And soon, our family began to grow… and grow… and grow…
and grow.  We moved from Jersey to Pennsylvania, to Georgia, and
now we are back in New Jersey.


Currently, we homeschool our children, and it is indeed a daily adventure.  Alexandra is a stay-at-home mother, and Daniel is a pastor at a church in New Jersey (

Our heart is to make Jesus the center of all we do in our family, in accordance to the grace granted to us (Romans 12:3-8). We are learning everything as we go, and as we share the serious and the silly about our family life, I pray it’ll make you laugh, cry, and (just maybe) grow closer to Jesus in the process.




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